P&S Council Holds Elections


Megan Petzold/ Iowa State Daily

During the beginning of the Professional and Scientific Council on March 1, members of the board raised their name cards when voting.

The majority of todays Professional and Scientific Council meeting was focused on nominations and elections for the next P&S executive board.

The P&S councils executive board is made up of five members, each of which play a vital role in the success of the council. The positions of the executive board consist of a President, VP of Planning and Budget, VP of Community Relations, VP of Equity and Inclusion, and a Secretary/Treasurer.

Current program coordinator for the center for excellence in learn and teach Amy Ward was elected President elect for the council.

Accountant for the value added agriculture-extension department Barry McCroskey became the councils next VP of Planning and Budget.

Student services specialist from the dean of students office Carolyn Duven was elected as the councils VP of Equity and Inclusion.

Associate director of admissions Kelly Friesleben became the councils next VP of Community Relations.

The next Secretary/Treasurer for the council will be Joy Stroud who is an administrative specialist for Reiman Gardens.

Besides hosting elections, the P&S council also voted in their amended by-laws today which will be posted on their website as soon as possible.

The rest of todays council meeting consisted of a presentation done by Deanna Clingan-Fischer about the Ombuds office at Iowa State.

The Ombuds office is a confidential, neutral office at Iowa State which listens to ISU community members especially faculty by letting them talk through problems they may be having with colleagues or the workplace in general. Ombuds is not biased towards any group or college at Iowa State and helps ISU community members find the best route to help both individual and systematic issues.


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