Man struck by train at South Duff crossing identified


An Iowa State Police officer at a traffic stop on Union Drive. 

Caitlin Yamada

Ames Police released a statement naming the man struck by the train on Saturday.

Joe Anthony Zavala, age 54 from Mason City, Iowa, was struck by a train at the South Duff Avenue railroad crossing the morning of Feb. 10.

Officers responded to the call at 8 a.m. and found Zavala lying on the south side of the railroad tracks suffering from injuries. Zavala was transported by Mary Greeley Medical Center to the Ames Airport and transferred to the Des Moines hospital. 

Police state that it appears to be an accident.

“We do not have anything leading us towards any other conclusion than it was just an accident,” Cmdr. Geoff Huff of Ames Police, said.

“We will continue to follow up but at this point were not finding anything that would lead us in any other direction.”

Ames Police has no current update on Zavala’s condition.