Best Bank

1st – US Bank

2nd – Wells Fargo

3rd – First Nation

Honorable Mention – Great Western


Best Credit Union

1st – Greater Iowa

2nd – Community Choice

3rd – Veridian

Honorable Mention – Members First


Best Auto Repair

1st – Ron’s Auto Repair

2nd – Campus Garage


3rd – CarX

Honorable Mention – Midas and Tuffy’s 


Best Car Wash

1st – Tornado

2nd – Wild Water

3rd –  Sudsational Auto Was


Best Dry Cleaner

1st – Mayfair 

2nd – HyVee

3rd – Grand 


Best Printing/Copy Service

1st – Copyworks 

2nd – Alpha Copies 

3rd – Parks Library


Best Wireless Provider

1st – Verizon

2nd – US Cellular

3rd – AT&T


Best Law Firm

1st – Student Legal Services

2nd – Davis Brown

        Hastings and Garton

        Hupy and Abraham


Best Tattoo Parlor

1st – Heroic Ink

2nd – Asylum