Flor to play at M-Shop on Thursday


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Flor is performing at multiple festivals this summer including Bonnaroo and Firefly.

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Dropping into the Maintenance Shop while on its first ever headlining tour is the band Flor. The indie-alt group will be performing on Thursday, Feb. 8 at 8 p.m.

The four-man band has previously worked with the likes of Lostboycrow, Lights, Smallpools and even giving Halsey support during her last full, North American tour. Other bands it has toured with include Colony House and COIN, the latter of which performed at the M-Shop in April of 2017. Flor is currently on its “come out. you’re hiding” tour, named after its second full album. They are scheduled to tour with the group MisterWives later this spring. 

From Hood River, Oregon, the band moved to Los Angeles to keep pursuing music. Vocalist Zach Grace likens the band dynamic to one that “works surprisingly well.” He says the band works this well together because the members know their strengths and what each person brings to the table. 

Grace mentions each member playing a special role in the band.

“You have me, who is the creative part, but maybe I don’t really know how to be social. That’s kind of the downside of it,” Grace says. 

He goes on to describe each member’s part. “We have McKinley who can really verbalize what flor’s all about. He’s good at making people feel connected to this stuff,” Grace said about guitarist McKinley Kitts.

“Then we have Dylan, who is like this producing genius. He works with tons of different people and makes all kinds of incredible songs,” Grace describes Dylan William, the bassist with whom he shares a creative side in music production.

Lastly, he talks about drummer Kyle Hill, who he calls the band’s rock who keeps them going. Grace expressed Hill is always leading them like he does on stage by keeping the beat, keeping the music steady.

“He gives us a reason to do it all. He is the person that we most want to see succeed,” Grace said.

Together, Flor generates music that is mostly a blend of synth-pop and rock. Its atmospheric sound carries both melodic and rhythmic hooks which turn out to be quite catchy. Lyrically, the band tends to be more thoughtful and reflective, pairing the upbeat music with more journal, entry-like words.

Flor released its latest album “come out. you’re hiding” in May of last year and the deluxe version of the same album only last Friday under the music label Fueled by Ramen with whom the band signed back in 2016. Label mates include All Time Low, Paramore and Twenty One Pilots, among others.

On dropping the deluxe version of “come out. you’re hiding,” Grace feels the whole story of the album is being told.

“It’s not like what’s happening is just a couple more songs on this [album]. We say, ‘Let’s look at this project, look at this album and let’s put a nail in it. Not just be done with it but really feel it and make it perfect and really finish it in a really special way,’” Grace said.

“Come out. you’re hiding” has grown increasingly important to the band. Grace describes the album as an identity for the band and a way of finding who it is and what it wants to accomplish in the future. He says the album has shifted and molded in a way.

From being just something it recorded and produced, to taking the music along with them on the road and playing it live, the album has turned into a learning experience that solidifies the band.

“It’s a perfect jumping off point and it has us really excited,” Grace said.

To continue, Grace hopes the album means as much to the band’s audience as it does to the band. He hopes to reach people in many different places. The themes on the album are intentionally vague in order for its listeners to be able to interpret them in their own ways. Grace hopes the album turns out to be something people can need.

“I want people to know that they have a place that they belong and that their voice is important and heard, because that’s really what the album was for me,” Grace said.

Lastly, Grace talked about tour life and his expectations.

“It never gets old. Being able to just step back and let the crowd sing for you,” Grace said. “I think my favorite part [about touring] is to be able to step back and take all that in.”

On the other hand, Grace thinks the hardest part on touring is finding time to sleep on tour due to its tight schedule.

“For these next months, it’s going to be ‘Go go go!’ I’m hoping I can just find places to nap everywhere,” Grace said.

Grace hopes Flor’s experience here Iowa State will be a special night just like they hope to make every night.

“I’m really looking forward to crafting a whole new memory. It’s always fun to come to a new place and be like ‘This is a new beginning of something. This is a whole new chapter.’ That’s what I’m most excited about,” Grace said.

The show will be supported by singer Tim Noyes, also known as the Handsome Ghost, whose debut album “Welcome Back” was released in January of 2018.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $8 with a student ID and $10 for the public. Tickets can be purchased at the M-Shop box office or online at Midwestix.