Mackenro Alexander pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct

Mackenro Alexander 

Photo Courtesy CIP2C

Mackenro Alexander 

Brian Mozey

Iowa State linebacker Mackenro Alexander pled guilty to disorderly conduct Thursday.

Alexander was arrested on Friday, Aug. 25, on charges of first-degree harassment, assault with injury and criminal mischief to the fifth degree.

Alexander pled guilty to a lesser charge, and District Associate Judge Steven Van Marel ordered a $200 fine with a $70 surcharge and $120 court costs, according to Iowa Courts Online. 

Disorderly conduct is a simple misdemeanor, which is a step down from first-degree harassment resulting in an aggravated misdemeanor.  

Ames Police Sgt. Mike Arkovich said, on Aug. 25, Alexander punched the first victim in the mouth, causing the subject to be knocked unconscious for a period of time. The second victim was punched in the side of the head, causing severe ear pain. 

Arkovich also said the second victim was threatened with death after the subject took a picture of Alexander. The phone was later damaged and Alexander admitted to the damage after being arrested on Aug. 25. 

During this process, Alexander missed the first three games of the 2017 season, but had 23 tackles with a half tackle for a loss in the last nine games.