Petzold: Why people prefer a fictional president

Megan Petzold

Kevin Spacey, who plays the president on House of Cards, caused the beloved show to get cancelled after putting his own desires ahead of his career. With one being fictional and one real, I believe that people would still like to have the fictional character be their president. Why?

I believe people would rather follow a fictional character over a real one because the fictional world is the daily escape we all have come to crave. From video games to books to Netflix to social media, we all have our own outlet to escape the troubles of the real world for even a few minutes.

Studies show that people get attached to fictional things because of a little lobe in our brain called the right supramarginal gyrus. This lobe is what makes us project out emotions onto others. We follow a relatable character through the life the director puts together and feel that we have made a connection with them.

Both Trump and Spacey have done things morally incorrect. Both Trump and Spacey have allegations of sexual assault against them. Trump doesn’t think about the things he says and he seems to be a terrible role model.

The president should be someone people look up to, yet we would rather turn our heads at things happening to us and focus on things others did. This is why after Spacey was accused of sexual assault, he got fired, the show House of Cards was cancelled and he is getting ripped apart via social media, news and word of mouth from person to person.

When the president makes sexual and derogatory comments about women, he loses a few followers. He was already elected to lead us and make our decisions for the next four years because he made empty promises and talked as if he was making a sale. 

The real question is, why did Spacey get such a harsh punishment and Trump gets bothered for a day then whatever he did disappears into thin air like it never happened?

It seems like those who have money have the most power, but Trump has both money from his business and his career before presidency and power from being elected as president. If Spacey and Trump were judged under a panel of judges, or someone who is unbiased to the people and just understands the actions, Trump and Spacey would be given relatively equal punishments. Both men treat women unfairly and do equally wrong things.

The people are beginning to want to take action against Trump, as they should have done before. With all the things he’s done during his year of presidency, the people have built a firm case and it could possibly lead to his impeachment. There are certain things expected from the president. Acting like a child and treating every situation as if he was still in the business world is not what the president should do.

In the end, Kevin Spacey is still fired, House of Cards is still cancelled, and Trump is still president. If enough people were to agree on a mutual idea, maybe equality could be served when dealing with Trump or others who have made a choice that was morally wrong.