Review: Luke Bryan rocks Ziel Farm in Boone


Jacob Beals/ Iowa State Daily

Luke Bryan performed to a sold out crowd Saturday in Boone. 

Jacob Beals

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour came to Boone on Saturday night. Country music fans sold out the concert at Ziel Farm.  

Two great opening acts took the stage before Jon Pardi and Luke Bryan. The first of which was Adam Craig.

He kicked things off at 6 p.m. While people piled in from the parking lot to come and watch the concert he played originals and covers, including Gary Alan’s “Watching Airplanes.”

He also performed “Close Your Eyes,” a song in which he wrote that was made famous by Parmalee earlier this year.

Craig acknowledged the big crowd near the end of his set as he thanked everyone for coming out.

“This is the biggest crowd I’ve ever stood in front of in my life,” Craig said.

Craig closed the set with his song “Just a Phase.” Then, The Peach Pickers entertained the crowd. Before their set, it was announced that over 70 number one hits have been written between the three members of the band. Many famous artists have played their songs, including Jake Owen, Blake Shelton and Dustin Lynch.

It was really interesting to see such a talented group of songwriters together. Their work has truly influenced country music in recent years, and I loved seeing them perform it live.

One of the members of the band was Rhett Akins, Father of country music star Thomas Rhett. Akins is known for his 90’s country hit “That Ain’t My Truck,” which he performed to the crowd. I loved this early part of the show, as many audience members could be heard singing the classic. It was a nice touch of nostalgia for the night.

Jon Pardi was next on the night’s bill. He has been tearing up the country music charts recently, and his set did not disappoint.

Before this show, I did not realize how good of a guitar player Pardi is. He was so much fun to watch play, especially on his electric. There is this energy that he has that one would expect to see with a rock star.  

I think people were into Pardi’s set right from the start. But the crowd really dug it when he performed some of his most recent songs.

This was especially true with “Head Over Boots.”  People all around the farm ground could be seen dancing and singing to the country ballad. I believe the live reaction Pardi received from that song at the show in Boone is the type that country music singers dream about.

Pardi’s presence on stage was hard not to notice. While he may have only been performing as an opening act, I think he will be at the top of major show bills very soon. 

Pardi warmed things up for Bryan nicely. The crowd was already pumped before the headliner even took the stage.

When Bryan finally broke the anticipation, cheers erupted from the audience as he performed “Move.”

One thing that I really enjoyed about Bryan’s set was the fact that he was able to fit all of his hits into it. Sometimes, artists are not able to do that. But, I feel about everyone at this show probably heard their favorite Luke Bryan song. He wasted no time rolling out the music.

His discography has a lot of variety, and that was prevalent in the show. Some of his songs are really energetic like “Kick the Dust Up,” while others are softer ballads, such as “Fast” or “Play it Again.” Bryan did a great job of planning out which songs went where in his set.

The country singer is a ton of fun just as an entertainer as well. He is probably one of the most charismatic people I have ever watched live. I can tell he loves to interact with the crowd, and they react right back. Bryan is flirty, fun and even goofy sometimes, I mean that in the best way possible.

Near the end of his set, Bryan brought up the Ziel family onto the stage and thanked them with a check from Bayer.

He took this time to thank all of the farmers around the country. He even played a song dedicated to them entitled “Here’s to the Farmer.”  

Bryan closed down the night with his emotional hit, “Drink a Beer.” But, he was soon brought back onto stage for an encore, in which he performed two songs, “I Don’t Want This Night to End” and “Country Girl.”

I love when artists can support a cause they are passionate about through their career. Bryan has done that with the Farm Tour. His love for what farmers do for our country was truly highlighted through this show.