Letter: Haila will lead Ames forward

Randy Beckett, Isu Alumni

On Nov. 7, I will be voting for John Haila to be the next mayor of Ames.

I have lived in Ames for 46 years, first as an ISU student and then as a professional raising my family here. Regardless of changes and challenges over that time, Ames has always been a city with sought-after qualities, consistently ranking high among mid-size cities nationwide.

I see John Haila as the ideal leader to continue catalyzing this trend. I have known John [Haila] many years. I have consistently been impressed by his integrity and effectiveness on multiple levels. I have observed him mentor and motivate young adults and have seen that he understands the needs of the individual. On a community scale, he has led an expanding architectural firm, worked to revitalize the Campustown Action Committee, and is playing an ongoing effective role with the CyRide Board. I have consistently seen his capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, to build consensus where there are different points of view, and to identify the elements needed to cultivate growth.

It has been said of effective leaders that you must take your responsibility seriously but not yourself. In every context where I have seen John [Haila] work, he has displayed this fundamental quality. He seeks the common good. Further, he not only desires the common good, but he also has the necessary skills and experience to achieve just that.  

Please join me in casting your vote for John Haila for mayor of Ames.