Editorial: Get involved in homecoming


Sarah Henry/Iowa State Daily

Members of Yell Like Hell lined up during one of the many chants performed throughout the routine. Yell Like Hell is a tradition for the Greek Community that occurs every year during Homecoming. The skits performed are written by the co-chairs of each Greek Homecoming pairing and consists of four original chants and concluded by the Iowa State Fight Song, all of which are paired with original choreography. 

Editorial Board

Every year, Iowa State holds a week long celebration leading up to the homecoming football game on Saturday. This year marks the 105th homecoming celebration and there are many ways to get involved and show your school spirit. 

This week is one for unity and pride in our university. It’s about celebrating our land grant mission, our impact far beyond the state of Iowa and the thousands of lives Iowa State has impacted. It’s a celebration of all things academic, extracurriculars and other things that make Iowa State a great place for all in the community. Fittingly, we’ll be welcoming a new university president this week and adding new traditions to our historic university. 

What to do this week:

For those in the Greek community, homecoming is a week for competing in events such as sports tournaments, painting banners, designing lawn displays, performing in Yell Like Hell, and collecting pop tabs and raising money for charities. 

For those outside of the Greek community, there may not seem like much to do during homecoming week compared to the Greeks. But, we encourage everyone to take a break from classes and celebrate homecoming week no matter if you’re Greek or not. 

This past weekend, students and community members participated in or watched the homecoming parade as well as the Blue Sky Days 4K which benefited the Beloit Children’s Home in conjunction with Lutheran Services in Iowa. 

If you missed these events, don’t worry, the Iowa State University Alumni Association provides a calendar of events for the week in which all students can be involved. 

All week, there is free food on campus with the purchase of a homecoming button which is $5. The meals are provided by local restaurants and companies such as Fazoli’s, Chick-fil-A, Panera, Fuzzy’s Tacos and Iowa Pork Producers.

Buying the homecoming button is an easy way to support homecoming and get involved in the festivities. It’s also a great break from classes right on Central Campus. Plus who doesn’t want free food?

There are also competitions and entertainment throughout the week to participate in or watch such as CyFactor (the student talent show), Yell Like Hell and the pep rally. 

And of course all students can and should go to the game on Saturday to cheer on Iowa State as the team (hopefully) beats Texas Tech.

Homecoming is an important tradition for Iowa State and we encourage all of you to get involved and enjoy the events this week.