Campus surveillance increases with more to come

Jill Alt

Four more security cameras were installed on campus this summer and Assistant Vice President of Public Safety, Chief Michael Newton is planning on ten more.

At Monday night’s Graduate Program Student Senate(GPSS), Iowa State Police Chief and Assistant Vice President of Public Safety, Michael Newton addressed several hot topics, but the highlight of concern among the students was campus surveillance. 

Last year, there was a push to put more cameras in campus town, but there was a disagreement in funding and administration.  

This has lead to a city council vote which will take place Tuesday, September 26th, and increased campus surveillance with the addition of four outdoor security cameras.

“The (Iowa State) campus really lacks outdoor cameras,” said Newton. “(They have) a lot of indoor building coverage, but the Camus definitely needs to put a focus on that.”

In response, he has selected ten sites for new surveillance cameras outside on campus. These locations were not specified, however Newton addressed what determined the sites.

“The location of the cameras were really based on crime statistics,” said Newton. “We do have the safety walk coming up in October, and I do think theres some areas where we can benefit from some increased lighting and others need cameras, so we’re definitely discussing it.”