Cyclones hockey introduces new assistant coach Mark Huber


Mark Huber

Dylan Coon

The Iowa State hockey season is fast approaching, and along with it is new personnel.

Including new assistant coach Mark Huber.

Huber is an Iowa State alumni, and graduated with his business management degree in 2014. Huber was the hockey captain in his senior year. His senior year, Jason Fairman started his career as the Iowa State hockey head coach. 

After college, Huber moved to North Dakota where he worked in the oil fields.

Huber then decided to chase a lifelong dream of acting. He moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia and moved in with his brother. After taking some classes, Huber was given his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card.

He began to have roles as an extra in both “Legends and Lies” and “House of Cards”. He also had small roles in both “Madhouse Mecca” and “Imperium”, the latter starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Huber found relations in between the tiers of acting and the sports world. He related the roles as an extra as similar to a Single-A minor league.

On top of that is a featured extra, which means an extra who is featured amongst the leading actor, which he described as the double-A league of acting.

Huber talked on how hit and miss the acting world is, and after a lull in the flow he got a call from head coach, Jason Fairman, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

One of the main reasons Huber came back is the same goal that every member of Iowa State hockey has, a national championship. Something Huber couldn’t attain as a player for Iowa State is something he’d love to capture as a coach.