Intramural Volleyball Hairstyles

Andrea Poppinga

                                 Intramural Volleyball Hairstyles

With co-ed intramural volleyball finals just around the corner, it is the perfect time to display some female hairstyles that are perfect for the occasion.

These four looks are fairly easy, and allow you to still look good, even while being sporty on the court.

#1 Upside down french braid with bun- This hairstyle is a little tricky the first time you try, but practice makes perfect. It is a reverse french braid that you start from the bottom of your hair, and work your way up. Only go about a quarter of the way up. Then whisk the rest into a cute bun.

#2 Long pigtails- Believe it or not, pigtails are coming back; and they are better than ever. Don’t position them directly on the sides of your head, but farther back than that so they start almost in the back of your hair. Add a little curl to them to make them even more fun and bouncy.

This hairstyle seems to work a little bit better on longer hair, but that isn’t to say it can’t work with short hair as well.

#3 French braid headband- This is a pretty familiar look to any female. Especially in sports. You french braid your bangs along the front framing part of your face, to mimic the look of a headband. You then tie the rest back into a ponytail or bun.

This is great because it tightly secures your hair back so it will not get in your face while you play.

#4 High Fishtail- I love this look. Simply secure your hair into a high ponytail. You will then do a loose fishtail braid down the entire length of the ponytail. You can secure it as loosely or tightly as you would like.

These hairstyles will have you looking good, and hopefully playing just as good!