Get to know Christopher the Conquered

Jill O'Brien

Christopher the Conquered will be playing the M-Shop tomorrow with bands TWINS and Bluejack. Here’s what you need to know about the guy behind the album I’m Giving Up on Rock and Roll.


He’s a small town Iowa guy


Having grown up in a town of 1,300, Christopher Ford found his musical influences in Motown and classic rock, and taught himself drums, trumpet, piano and guitar. Ford also discovered music’s connecting power, having also grown up in a religious home and spending a lot of time in church.  


He’s been on the scene for quite some time


In 2007, Ford released his debut album, I Guess That’s What We’re Dying For… under the name Christopher the Conquered. In 2008, he played drums for Ames band Poison Control Center on a national tour, and worked with PCC’s frontman Patrick Tape Fleming on a second release. Ford has since collaborated with many artists on a variety of projects over the years, but is now back to just his voice and a piano as Christopher the Conquered.


Christopher the Conquered isn’t his only project


While Christopher the Conquered is his solo venture, Ford is also part of Des Moines group Gloom Balloon with Patrick Tape Fleming, his producer and frontman of Poison Control Center. Gloom Balloon.


“I’m Giving Up on Rock and Roll” has gained national attention


After singer-songwriter Ryan Adams got an advanced copy of Ford’s most recent record, he proceeded to call him “the real deal” and the album “crazy and incredible,” according to the artist’s official website. I’m Giving Up on Rock and Roll is under the local label Maximum Ames Records, and includes tracks like “On My Final Day”, “I’m Not That Famous Yet” and the titular “I’m Giving Up on Rock and Roll.”