ISU 48 Hour Film Festival: What even is a loofah?


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons

The legendary loofah, star of ISU’s 48 Hour Film Festival 

Alexander Gray

The ISU 48 Hour Film Festival’s screening, hosted by the Student Union Board and the ISU Film Producers Club, took place Tuesday night in Carver 101. The rules were simple: Create a film in 48 hours that includes a specific quote and a prop. Outside of that, the teams are allowed to take their film in any direction, and incorporate the quote and the prop in any way they want.

This year, the teams had to use the phrase, “I don’t think it was supposed to do that,” along with a shower loofah as a prop. 

Four judges placed three of six submitted films into first, second and third, with the prizes being a $150, $100 and $50 Amazon gift card, respectively.

The first film shown was “Impermanence,” directed and written by Durga Darba and Trevor Trousdale. A bit of a somber start to the festival, it followed the main character coping with loss and slowly losing grip on reality.

After some technical difficulties, the next film, Disc Can’t Be Happening, lightened up the mood. In this silent comedy, two frisbee golfers chase their runaway discs across Ames. It was hilarious and utilized the loofah very well.

Next was David Schupick’s “How I Met Andy.” Abby is moving into a new residence hall, and her roommate is a bit rural.

A “British Man in Missouri,” from Matt Banwart, took the competition in a different direction by completely destroying the fourth wall. It had hilarious cutaways and had the audience rolling the entire time.

The penultimate film of the night was “Loo,” directed by Matt Wilkinson. A burglar and his hostage are confronted by a talking loofah, who also has the ability to grant wishes.

The final film of the night was “Tempo de Fantasia,” directed by Lauren Wibe. In this short, a man is given a tool to see into his future a day in advance. When he breaks it, he finds that he can’t live without it. John Hoelzer, the lead character, not only acted in this short but also provided the soundtrack, playing the piano throughout.

After 40 minutes of deliberation, the judges returned with the scores. “Tempo de Fantasia” took third, “A British Man in Missouri” took second, with Matt Banwart winning best screenwriter, and “Disc Can’t Be Happening” in first, with Joe Cataldo as best director and Nora Frentress as best actress.

ISU Film Producers Club is currently working on a project, “Just Getting By,” which is about four students and the college experience. If students are interested in helping with the project, the club is always accepting members and is currently in need of extras for some of the scenes. The ISU Film Producers Club meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. in Hamilton 169.