Three regent appointees confirmed by Senate


The Board of Regents for the State of Iowa met at the Alumni Center on Dec. 2.

Jake Dalbey

The Iowa Senate voted last Wednesday to confirm three new appointees to the Iowa Board of Regents.

Appointed by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, former Iowa Rep. Nancy Dunkel and former Iowa Sen. Nancy Boettger will replace Bruce Rastetter and Katie Mulholland, whose terms will expire April 30.

The Senate vote was unanimous, 49-0, to appoint Dunkel and Boettger. Regent Sherry Bates, who has served on the board since December 2014, was reappointed with another unanimous vote.

Regent Michael Richards’ 2016 recess appointment was also unanimously confirmed by the Senate. Richards was appointed in May 2016 and will remain on the board until April 2021.

The search for a new president and vice president of the Board of Regents will begin May 1.