Why I cut my hair


Pure Luxe Salon is located on Clark Ave. They offer facials, waxing, nail care, makeup and hair cuts.

Andrea Poppinga

Around this time of the year some individuals choose to ditch their long locks of hair and opt for a shorter hairdo to carry them through the spring and summer months.

We are hearing more and more about different companies you can donate hair to, and more individuals are looking for any way or reason to help those less fortunate than them. This is such a simple act that can truly help someone else in a lot of different ways.

Two of the most popular programs that people choose to donate their hair to is Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths. While both of these are great organizations, there are pros and cons to keep in mind of both, and making sure you choose the right organization is important.

Pantene takes donations of 8 inches or more. Meanwhile, Locks of Love only accepts 10 inches or more. This is important because if you are wanting to donate to Locks of Love, you must grow your hair longer.

Locks of Love accepts hair that has been dyed, while Pantene does not. This is an important thing to keep in mind for donating.

While Pantene donates the hair for free, Locks of Love sells a large portion of the hair it collects. That’s not to say that Locks of Love is not a good company, but they aren’t donating as much as some people believe.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while donating. Make sure to do your research. There are other alternative companies as well if you do not like these two options.

Making a hair donation is an easy way to make a huge difference and making sure your donation goes to good use is extremely important.