Former dean of students celebrated by peers


Gillian Holte/Iowa State Daily

Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Thomas Hill spoke highly of former dean of students Pamela Anthony. Hill shared a memory of visiting Anthony and her extensive shoe collection.

Alison Boysen

High heels. Pearls. Iowa State students.

These all held a special place in Pamela Anthony’s heart, and a tribute to the former dean of students took place Tuesday in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union. 

The celebratory tribute began with a welcome from Kenyatta Shamburger, assistant dean of students and director of multicultural student affairs.

“Our program this afternoon is a time to acknowledge a friend and a colleague who was caring, compassionate, creative and who lived a vibrant life,” Shamburger said.

A video presentation was compiled and showed how involved Anthony was with the Iowa State community, especially the students. It also displayed some of her personal life, like how she was a traveller, collector of shoes and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority sister.

Students narrated the video compilation, highlighting her scholarly journey and her many achievements.

Anthony was listed as a “listener, good colleague and friend.” It was also noted that “her smile lit up the room.”

The presentation included pictures with Iowa State students and faculty. Tributes were made by former students who Anthony impacted while at Iowa State. Former Iowa State Student Body President Hillary Kletscher said Anthony was a mentor and confidant to her. 

“She was willing to put in the extra time, stay up late at night and do what it took to make the difference in the lives of students,” Kletscher said.

After the presentation, faculty close to Anthony took to the podium to give some final thoughts and share stories of her legacy at Iowa State.

Martino Harmon, senior vice president for student affairs, was the first to share his memories of Anthony. His first encounter with her was when he interviewed for a position at Iowa State. Harmon recalled the dinner that the two shared, and how she just wanted to get to know him.

“She just wanted to connect, and that’s just who she was,” Harmon said.

He also shared a statement from President Steven Leath, who was not able to attend.

Thomas Hill, senior policy adviser to the president, reminisced about the process of “luring” Anthony to Iowa State. He then spoke of his search for Anthony in Dallas, when she was in the hospital. He ended his speech by mentioning her large shoe collection.

“She had a bedroom … that bedroom was full of shoes,” Hill said. “I was told she had over 160 pairs of shoes. I saw them. It was absolutely crazy.”

Interim Dean of Students Keith Robinder shared his experiences of the former dean of students. He spoke of their friendship, and how it deeply affected him.

“Pamela was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of person,” Robinder said.

More reflections were made by Michael Giles Jr., director of recreation services; Connie Hargrave, associate professor in the School of Education; Nicole Bartolozzi, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.; and Pastor Dan Berry of the Cornerstone Family Church.

They all spoke of Anthony’s perseverance for the prosperity of students at Iowa State. Hill said Anthony fell into the line of successful Iowa State deans of students.

The music group Ambassadors of Change from the Cornerstone Family Church provided music for the tribute. At the end of reflections, it performed the song “Let Praises Rise From the Inside,” dedicated to Anthony.

The performance evoked tears to many who knew Anthony personally.

Tera Jordan was a good friend of Anthony and kept in contact with her when she left for Texas. Jordan associated the song “This Little Light of Mine” with her late friend, because of the effect she had on others.