The tradition of getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day- and how to avoid it


Brian Achenbach/Iowa State Daily

Add a splash of green for St. Patrick’s Day, like this emerald statement necklace.

Andrea Poppinga

A very long time ago, the tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day started. This was because people thought that by wearing green you would be made invisible to leprechauns who would pinch you if you were not wearing their color of choice.

The tradition has always just continued, even into modern day times. Some people casually celebrate the holiday, while others go all out in different geographical locations like Ireland.

A pretty simple way to avoid getting pinched on March 17th, is to simply wear green. While a lot of college students will be traveling this spring break week, don’t forget to pack an article of clothing for the occasion.

                                4 Ways to Avoid getting pinched


  1. St. Patrick’s Day shirt– while it can be somewhat difficult to find a specific St. Patrick’s day shirt, you will be the life of the party if you do. Some large box store retailers such as Walmart, Target, etc. will be selling these. They are usually inexpensive and give off a festive vibe.

  2. Green top/ dress– If you have to work during the day, find a professional green button down or blouse. This also works if you plan on going out on the town, as St. Patrick’s Day does fall on a Friday this year.

  3. Green beads– This is a great last minute fix. Beads are inexpensive, and add all sorts of festivity to your outfit. For college students who plan on being at the beach all day, throw some of these on before you go.

  4. Green socks– Around this time of the year, you can find a lot of different options of either plain green socks, or again festive ones at a large retailer. The green is subtle, yet still a part of your outfit.