What to gift your significant other this holiday season


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Shopping for your significant other oftentimes causes unwanted stress around an already stressful time for college students. 

Sydney Novak

Holiday shopping for your significant other on a college student’s budget oftentimes brings multiple hoops to jump through. Debating on what to get them can cause lots of unwanted stress, especially during one of the most stressful times of the year.

What to get your significant other for the holidays can depend on a lot of different variables, including your personal budget, how long you have been together and, of course, their preferences. 

Grace Meier, sophomore in kinesiology and health, said this year, she is spending about $100 on her boyfriend, whom she has been dating for a little over a year now.  

“I got him a backpack, and I’m just filling it with his favorite things; and I’m studying abroad, so I’m giving him letters inside of it too,” Meier said.

Meier didn’t give her boyfriend any ideas as to what she wants for Christmas, but she guessed that he might get her some of her favorite things such as graphic t-shirts, skin care products or Victoria’s Secret perfume. 

Senior Lucas Fischer, student in construction engineering, said his girlfriend is a big Tyler, the Creator fan, and he thinks she would most likely enjoy an item from his Golf Wang clothing line, but he’s not completely sure what else to get her. 

“Shopping for girls can be tricky sometimes,” Fischer said.

Fischer also said he thinks it is difficult for others to shop for him. Clothes are always a good idea, but the birthday gift his girlfriend gave him in November was something he didn’t expect at all.

“She bought me tickets to a comedy show, and I had never asked for anything like that, so it was just something fun to do together instead of something materialistic,” Fischer said. 

Concert tickets, ski passes and trips to a zoo or aquarium are gifts that you can enjoy together and an item for which you don’t need to worry about getting the right size. 

Graduate student Madison Mueller said she got her boyfriend clothes for Christmas this year. Mueller decided on clothes because her boyfriend rarely buys anything for himself, and she said she prides herself on making sure he looks fashionable. She lucked out with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and was able to get him a pair of Timberland shoes and a t-shirt.

Mueller is unaware of what her boyfriend has planned to get her this year, but in years past he has gotten her kitchen tools like knives and cutting boards because she loves to cook and bake. 

“Last year, he got me nice cutting boards and a really nice set of knives,” Mueller said.

A gift that proves itself to be functional is a good option when it comes to gift-giving because you know the person receiving the gift will use it. Functional gifts can include cooking tools, craft supplies, blankets or even games that the two of you can play together. 

When gift-giving this holiday season, there’s no need to break the bank. Giving gifts that your significant other enjoys or that you can enjoy together will help to make their reaction and the holiday season even more special.