McFarland Clinic brings new business

Photo Courtesy McFarland Clinic

Olivia Meline

Coming to the ISU Research Park, the McFarland Clinic will construct a new health and child care center by June.

If all goes as planned, with the purchase agreement being in its ending stages, the center will open to the public in the spring of 2018.

The ISU Research Park acts as a common ground for small and established businesses to thrive in one central location. It works closely with the university in connecting students, businesses and research facilities under one local community structure.

“With the growing aspect of businesses, along with a fitness center and restaurant in the ISU Research Park, we are pleased to announce our role in bringing additional services and amenities to this area,” Andrew Perry, McFarland Clinic’s chief executive officer, said.

The clinic will provide Ames residents and students more access to health and child care and will allow a leased space for the Lily Pad Learning Center   

“McFarland Clinic is the ideal partner for us to fill the need for accessible health care for our growing research park community,” Steve Carter, president of the ISU Research Park, said. “While we are focused on bringing amenities to our tenants, we are also cognizant of the need this fills for quality care for Ames families.”

The clinic will be patient friendly with readily-available resources such as being able to schedule appointments online. The McFarland Clinic also offers “MyChart,” online patient access to medical records that provides patients with a means to contact directly with the doctor’s office.

Providing convenient and patient-accessible health care, as well as friendly and reliable child care services, the McFarland Clinic will soon become the next addition to the growing business community of Ames.