Ways to live a more optimistic life

Emily Clement

It’s easy to point out the negative things in our lives, but what about all of the positives?

Here are a few things that can help you live a more optimistic life:

1. Write down the positives: Take a minute at the end of every day and write down three positive things that happened in your day. Write them in a place that is accessible so you can look back at them later. 

2. Take a walk outside: With the beautiful weather Iowa has had in the last few weeks, it is easy to take a break from studying. Step outside, get some fresh air and clear your head. Take a walk around campus and look at all of the the great things happening around you.

3. Do the things that make you happy: Get involved with the things you want to, the things that will ultimately help you in the long run and the things that will make you happy. This could be a club, an activity or anything that gets you out of your room and surrounds you with positive people.