What was trending on Twitter in Ames this week?


Kevin Dresser, Iowa State’s head coach of wrestling, speaks at his introductory press conference on Feb. 22, 2017. 

Emily Clement

Here is what was trending on Twitter in Ames this week:

#TheyHiredMeAnyway – People went to Twitter to express the many reasons why they maybe shouldn’t have been hired for the job they do but that they were anyway.

“Kevin Dresser” – Kevin Dresser, Iowa native and current Virginia Tech wrestling coach, was officially announced as the next Iowa State wrestling coach Monday afternoon. Many news outlets and fans went to Twitter to express their feelings and excitement regarding the news. He trended throughout the entire week.

#WhiteHouseScentedCandles – This hashtag was trending and was attached with comical names of candles that may be burning in the White House lately. #WhiteHouseScentedCandles was trending with more than 5,000 tweets by midday Tuesday.

#1stLineOfMyOscarSpeech – In honor of the Oscars that will take place Sunday evening, many people went to Twitter to share what the first line of their Oscar speech would be if they were to win one of the prestigious awards. The hashtag was trending with almost 5,000 tweets.

#TellASadStoryin3Words – This hashtag was trending with almost 80,000 tweets Wednesday night and was still trending on Thursday. People went to Twitter to share their humor and simply “tell a sad a story in three words.”

#EnditMovement – More than 22,000 people went to Twitter on Thursday to show their appreciation for the “End it Movement,” which was “Shine a Light on Slavery Day.” This is a movement that intends to make people aware of present-day slavery. Many people posted pictures with a red “X” drawn on their hand to show support for the movement.

“Coachella” – Coachella, the popular music and arts festival, was trending after Beyoncé announced that she wouldn’t be performing this year. This announcement came just a few weeks after she announced that she was pregnant with twins. Although this is sad news for Coachella fans, she is reported to be the headliner in 2018.