What to include in your elevator speech


Tyler Coffey/Iowa State Daily

A recruiter from Buildertrend greets a prospective intern on Sept. 20. Buildertrend has developed an app which streamlines homebuilding workflows and keeps financial records. According to Buildertrend’s website, its app has managed more than $50 billion worth of projects over the course of its lifetime.

Maddie Hocking

Many students do not even know what an elevator speech is, but it could help you get the leg up on internships. Here are a few things to consider in your elevator speech:

Main points

  1. Keep it short
  2. List skills clearly
  3. End with a question
  4. Have a business card or other takeaway

What to include

  1. List your skills

Don’t be too broad. If you are having trouble thinking of skills, think of compliments you have received in the past.

  1. Explain your goal

Explain if you are looking or a job or an internship.

  1. Explain why

Why do you want to have the job? Why do you think you would be good at it?

Common mistakes

  1. Speaking too fast
  2. Speaking robotically
  3. No practicing prior
  4. Not being focused