Student Government approves Iowa State Daily Media Group contract


Cody Woodruff, Steven Valentino and Rhett Thys listen to a speaker during the Student Government meeting Jan. 18 in the Memorial Union. 

Robert Roberson

Student Government approved a six figure contract with the Iowa State Daily Media Group during its meeting Wednesday night. 

The Iowa State Daily Media Group contract allocates a guaranteed $110,000 to the Daily. The contract also allows extra funding to the Daily under three performance metrics: focus group meetings, news coverage request process and training. These three performance metrics offer an extra $10,000 each, which means the maximum amount of funding is $140,000

There is also a clause in the contract stating, “Should the Publication Board ever receive a direct student fee, posted on the mandatory student fee schedule, this agreement shall be null and void beginning the fiscal year in which the first direct student fees are received.”

“I think that the student fee route would be a more financially stable way for us to do business,” Emily Barske, editor in chief at the Daily, said.

During an open forum, Sen. Raul Camarena, an international student from Mexico, shared a story about his time at home over break. The senator made an emphasis on sicarios, hitmen who control local governments in Mexico.

“Let me tell you a few of the rules sicarios have for the people,” Camarena said. “One is after 11 p.m., they want it quiet so they can do their business efficiently. Another is don’t go against them or you die. Now … the police cannot do anything against them because they are bribed easily and are scared to go against them.”

Camarena’s comments come from the worry of undocumented immigrants who would get sent back to these sorts of areas, which he believes will make it worse.

Toward the end of the meeting, Sen. Cody Woodruff put forth a resolution regarding Gov. Terry Branstad’s proposed budget cuts.

The proposed resolution takes a hard stance against the budget cuts, and if it passes, it will be sent to: Branstad; Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds; members of the Iowa Senate, specifically Amy Sinclair, chair of the Senate Education Committee; members of the Iowa House of Representatives, specifically Walt Rogers, chair of the House Education Committee; Isaiah Baker, director of legislative ambassadors; Montana Crow, senior director of governmental affairs; ISU President Steven Leath; Miles Lackey, chief of staff; and the Board of Regents.

“Gov. Terry Branstad has put forth a budget that proposes cutting $25.5 million from the Iowa Board of Regents for fiscal year 2018,” Woodruff said. “… The Iowa State Student Government does not support Governor Branstad’s proposed budget.”