Quick Fixes: Organization


Students are paying thousands of dollars to attend classes at Iowa State but may skip class anyway.

Emma Hassemer

A lot comes along with a new semester — textbooks, folders, notebooks and syllabi. It can be stressful staying on top of your A game when handed all of this.

It’s important to start the semester off right, and in order to help do that, staying organized is key. Not only will you be put together, but you won’t be as stressed. Here are a few organization tips to help you get through this semester.

1. Labels 

Ever bring the wrong notebook to class and end up taking notes on the wrong one? Let’s rewind back to the days when we color coordinated our notebooks and folders to stay organized.

If you aren’t up for the color coordination, purchase some stick labels for your folders and notebooks. Another thing you can do is buy one large notebooks and separate certain sections for each class. This way you only have to worry about one notebook.

2. Calendar

Rather than having a regular paper calendar hanging on your wall, DIY it. If you’re looking for color and pizzazz, gather some paint color samples and hot glue them 30 or 31 on a board. Then place a piece of plastic or glass on top so you can write on it with a dry erase marker. Keep track of your tests and large assignments on a calendar and you’ll never miss a deadline.

3. Survival kit

It’s hard to focus in class with a runny nose or a paper cut. In order to be ready for whatever class throws at you, keep a mini survival kit with all the necessities to get you through. Make sure to have gum, hand sanitizer, bandaids, Tylenol or Advil, Kleenex, hair ties and a Tide-to-Go stick for those surprise accidents.