On- and off-campus study spots


Students study in tier 2. Tucked away inside Parks Library, ISU students can find peace and solitude, ideal for study. The tiers are also home to books not found on the normal floors in the library.

Rebecca Haars

With the semester coming to a close and finals drawing near, studying is becoming more of an everyday activity for many students. Great places to study that students may be unaware of are available on and off campus.

On campus

1. Parks Library — Many students do not know about all of the amenities the library holds. The library is a great place for group projects, which can be completed on floor three, tier six in the group study rooms. Whether it’s a one-person desk, comfy chair, a group work table or a personal room for quiet individual work, students are sure to find what they need in Parks. Don’t forget to check out Bookends Café on the first floor.

2. Residence hall laundry rooms – No matter which residence hall the laundry room is located in it, it is sure to be a nice and quiet place to study. Laundry running in the background provides soothing white noise while working on homework or having a late-night study session. 

3. Memorial Union — This building is an endless supply of study spots. In the East and West Student Office Spaces students can find large tables for group work. Try the third floor for hideaway study spaces with comfy chairs. The Memorial Union is also filled with several lounges and and a variety of food options to keep you motivated while you work.

4. Gerdin Hall Business Cafe — Straight through the front entrance of the building and to the right students will find a nice study space filled with tables and comfy seats. While studying students can enjoy an assortment of beverages and things to eat.

5. Dining Centers — Between busy dining times are always great to study in one of the many dining centers on campus. For students who live in Frederiksen Court, Hawthorn is always accessible for a late night study cram.

Off campus

1. Cafe Milo — Open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week Cafe Milo offers a variety of coffee and non coffee beverages along with a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. This is a small cafe located along Mortensen Road that is a great calming study location.

2. Remain Gardens — With warm, sunny days on their way Remain Gardens will be a beautiful outdoors study spot. This peaceful location is free of charge for ISU students to use and offers free wifi as well. Open everyday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. students can find Remain Gardens located along University Boulevard.

3. Mother’s Pub — This is a student friendly place to grab a quick drink or coffee and maybe even enjoy some live music while you study. Located off West Street, Mother’s Pub is a close study spot a few blocks from campus that will always leave a lasting impression.

4. Cafe Diem — Located along Main Street in Ames, Cafe Diem is a cozy cafe that has a relaxing study atmosphere. With a food a beverage menu to keep the tummy happy while studying this cafe is a great place to go for a friendly, casual study spot with free wifi.

5. West Street Deli — Close to campus, this easygoing deli is the place to go for a quick bite to eat while getting some homework done. West Street Deli is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.