Student services provided by the DSO

Eric Wirth

The Dean of Students office offers many essential services for student life at Iowa State

Housed under the Dean of Students office are 14 departments including Greek Affairs, LGBT student Services, The Office of Student Conduct and more.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the departments and the services they offer.

Academic Success Center

Interested in sharpening your studying skills? Struggling with a course? Located in the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center, the Academic Success Center (ASC) provides students with programs and resources to help them reach their academic potential. Educational enhancement can be provided through academic resources, academic coaching, academic intervention, supplemental instruction, tutoring services, and more.

National Student Exchange

Iowa State University is one of many places to get an education, considering its ever-expanding enrollment rate and our abundance of lucrative majors offered. The National Student Exchange (NSE) gives students have the opportunity to spend a semester, or a full academic year experiencing another academic institution across the nation.

The top three states that students from Iowa State visit are Hawaii, Alaska, and New Mexico said Debra Sanborn, program director for NSE. She also said students from all over the nation come to Iowa State.

“We’ll see students that come to our school from similar academic programs,” said Sanborn.

Writing and Media Center

Those looking to sharpen their writing skills and graduate students looking for feedback on their theses have probably visited the Writing and Media Center.The center aims to help with a number of different communication outlets ranging from written, oral, visual and electronic communication.

Students can meet with consultants to improve their citation, proofreading and evaluation skills all in an effort to increase the effectiveness of their work. The Writing and Media Center is located in 300 Carver Hall.