Sylvan Learning Center to host event to educate young campers

Kendal Gast

Continuing its efforts in educating young kids on robotics, coding and mathematics, the local Sylvan Learning Center will host another Spring Break STEM camp this year.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics make up STEM, and the kids participating will work with Legp robotics kits in order to explore the four fields. In addition, Sylvan educators will work closely with campers on coding and advanced math techniques, said Katie Ruby, Sylvan Learning Center director.

The camp is one of several the Sylvan center hosts throughout the year. The first ones started at the beginning of 2015 and ran for five days roughly every six weeks.  

The Sylvan Learning Center has operated in Ames for more than 10 years, so providing personal, direct tutoring isn’t anything new, Ruby said. In fact, the Spring Break STEM camp accepts only 10 young learners.  

“We find, with all our course programs, exceeding the 10-student count, we lose the personal touch,” Ruby said. 

The center not only provides personal tutoring but also reaches out to the community by donating learning experiences to groups such as the Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames Christian schools, the Boys & Girls Club and most recently to Youth and Shelter Services.  

Ruby also said kids usually come back for more camps and sometimes individual sessions after their initial introduction to STEM activities and concepts.  

At the end of camp, kids receive a backpack with a T-shirt, other fun souvenirs and a certificate of completion for the camp. 

Because this is a special spring camp, the Sylvan Learning Center has partnered with Ames Parks and Recreation to spread the word. The camp runs from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. March 14-19 at the Sylvan Learning Center on Mortensen Road. The cost of attendance is $215 for residents and $230 for non-residents, boys and girls in grades 2-8.

For more information and to register, visit or call 515-239-5350.