Editorial: Have fun at spring break, but stay safe


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Planning ahead for spring break

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Ah, Spring Break, you have finally shown your promising face of hope. After eight weeks of class, cold and chaos, we welcome you with open arms.

Why wouldn’t you go on Spring Break? It’s a week of swimming, tanning and drinking.

Or as Jimmy Fallon would say, a week of STD.

Which isn’t an unrealistic comparison, considering about 60 percent of sex on Spring Break is unprotected.

Not to worry, though, just find one of the 50 percent of people who are planning to have sex, who are more likely to have that latex savior layer (a condom…). Ladies, don’t succumb to barrier-less sexual pressure. Almost 60 percent of women say they act promiscuous to fit in her Spring Break surroundings. Almost 80 percent of men who go on a spring break trip want to have sex with someone they meet on their trip, whereas about 20 percent of women do, so there’s no reason someone shouldn’t budget for a box of Trojans.

You know what else to budget for? Everything. The average spring breaker spends about $1,000 for a week of beaching. You know that student debt that’s building up? Nevermind that, and contribute to the more than $1 billion spent on Spring Break annually just between Texas and Florida. Those $8 beach-side mixed drinks sure do add up. Not to mention, South Padre last year gained $80,000 in fines from spring breakers doing Spring Break things.

Not everything is a loss, though. About half of the men who spring break drink until they pass out. So that’s a 50/50 shot you’ll hold your liquor, guys. Women, little better off, with 40 percent saying they drink til they pass out.

And we thought you college students were out every dollars and mug night building your tolerance.

If you’re looking for a win, that wet T-shirt contest could be a fun activity, but not if it ends up on Facebook the next week when all the places you sent your beautified résumé begin to scour your social media. Future bossperson probably wouldn’t think that too classy.

When you think taking that pic with the beer bong, don’t. No matter how fun it seems in the moment, the only thing intelligent after consuming the average of 10 to 18 alcoholic beverages many spring breakers drink each day, is water.

Don’t let all this get you down. Spring Break is fun, obviously. It’s your chance to let go of some of that pent up stress, but do so safely.

If you see someone who has had too much to drink stumbling into an unsafe situation, be a decent person and help out. About 1,825 college students die each year from alcohol poisoning, according to Forbes. More than 690,000 students are physically assaulted and almost 100,000 are sexually assaulted.

As ISU Police would say, if you see something, say something.

Despite all the money down the drain, the peeling skin from unattended sun exposure preparation, the slightly damaged liver, the never-ending headache and the leg-cramp inducing car ride to bring you to your fun-filled destination, have a fun spring break, Iowa State.

And when you’re complaining about cramping in a car with eight other people, remember it’s part of the fun, considering it might be one of the only parts you remember.