Marco Rubio suspends campaign; results from Tuesday presidential contests


Emily Blobaum/Iowa State Daily

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio speaks to supporters at the Scheman Building Jan. 30. The Florida senator attacked democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, stating that neither of them are good candidates. “Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be the next commander-in-chief,” he said. 

Alex Hanson

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign for president after losing his home state of Florida Tuesday.

Donald Trump is the projected winner in the state with about 45 percent of the vote. Rubio is second, but far behind at 27 percent. Ted Cruz was in third and John Kasich was in fourth, according to vote totals from the Associated Press. 

Speaking to supporters in Florida, Rubio told his supporters that while they were on the right side of history, his campaign was not on the winning side. Rubio delivered his concession speech by congratulating Trump on his victory.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton declared victory in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Clinton held a slim lead — just over 1,000 votes — over Sanders in Missouri as of Wednesday morning. 

On the Republican side, Kasich won his home state of Ohio, while Trump won Illinois and North Carolina. Trump had a very slim lead in Missouri over Cruz as of Wednesday morning.