Spring break in Ames

Olivia Kudla

It’s spring break and you can finally push stress from school to the back of your mind for a week. A lot of people are traveling to amazing places, but that is not the case for everyone. However, who says Ames can’t be fun? Even if you are bummed about staying on campus, it is important to make the most of your break.

Here are a fun ideas to keep yourself entertained around Ames for a week:

  1. Have a picnic: Iowa State is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation so pack up a basket or a bag with an easy meal and head to central campus. Sitting in the field beside the Campanile is the perfect picnic spot. 
  2. Fish in Lake Laverne: If you have a fishing pole, Lake Laverne is a short walk from any Residence hall. It may look like a tiny lake, but there are some big fish in there!
  3. Ledges: Being cooped up in your living space can drive you crazy, so going for a hike can relieve your cabin fever. Ledges is a state park in neighboring Boone, so its a pretty fast car ride!
  4. Ada Hayden: Another park, but it has a lot of pretty lakes to admire. You could go fishing, hiking, biking or bird watching.
  5. Des Moines: Take a trip to Des Moines for the day. You could spend the day shopping or go out to a restaurant. You could even stop at the Blank Park Zoo.