Start fresh with new, healthy diet


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Veganism is one of many popular diets available to people looking to try a new diet.

Emily Schroer

Have you ever wondered what kind of options are available for a new diet in your life? Here are a few comparisons of the most common diets in today’s society:


What really is Paleo? Paleo (Paleolithic) is a type of diet based on the question, “Did cavemen eat it?” If the answer is anything other than yes, they won’t eat it. What did cavemen eat? The diet usually consists of things that can be found in nature. For example, meat and fish are big parts of the diet. Vegetables, berries, seeds and nuts are also included. Anything that is processed or man-made is not included in the diet. Examples include all dairy products, grains, peanuts and soy, starches, alcohol, etc.

In order for those participating in the paleo diet to get all of the nutrients needed, the diet “allows” for substitute needed ingredients and needed supplements. A common example is milk. Paleo dieters are not allowed to drink cow milk, but they are allowed to consume coconut or almond milk. Paleo dieters try to base food off of proteins and plants when baking.

What’s really good about paleo dieting? One theory states that the digestive system was not meant to handle the man-made foods we have become accustomed to. When looking at the history of human life, people tended to be healthier the further back we look in history. A general belief is the world has become less healthy because of the processed- and grain-based foods of the 20th and 21st century.

Why choose paleo? Studies have shown that paleo helps with blood sugar, heart health and the overall general health of a human being. Paleo can be beneficial in many different forms, and it would not hurt to give it a shot. This diet may not be for everyone but it could be for you.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegetarian diet is centered around no meat whatsoever. Vegetarian diets tend to be the most popular diets in society. Vegan diets are based around absolutely no animal origin. This includes meat, eggs and dairy. Vegan is just a different form of vegetarian. Both diets are healthy for the body in different ways. Vegetarian diets in general are naturally low in saturated fats and high in fiber.

What are the benefits of becoming vegetarian or vegan? Studies have found that becoming a vegan can actually prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, prevent and reverse diabetes, reduce the chance of gallstones, kidney stones, and osteoporosis, and help reverse asthma.

Along with all of the great things that can come with becoming a vegetarian or vegan, there are also some concerns. If one chooses to become a vegetarian or vegan, it is important that the person becomes aware of a balanced diet with plenty of protein. Without a balanced diet, the diet itself can become more harmful than helpful.


The pescetarian diet is also known as the pesco-vegetarian diet. This diet consists of no meat except for fish and sea food. What do pesco dieters eat? It might seem a little boring only eating fish for a meal, but it’s amazing how many different types of seafood there are in the world. Examples include sardines, trout, caviar, herring, salmon and anchovies. The list goes on and on. It won’t hurt to try something different.

The omega-3 fats in the fish and seafood are great benefits of a pesco diet. With the extra omega-3s the diet can actually help lower inflammation, which helps with cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. This diet can also help improve heart health and can help improve one’s mood and help fight depression.

Different diets

A remarkable amount of different kinds of diets exist in the world. Some include low-fat, which restricts fat, especially saturated. Another is semi-vegetarian, which is an occasional intake of meat but otherwise plant-based diet. The last example I have is omnivorous, which is just the basic normal diet of a human, eating both plants and meat.

Which one is the healthiest?

Overall, vegan is the healthiest form of diet. Research has shown that vegan diets generally result in the greatest weight loss.

With it still being close to the new year, try and attempt something new. A new diet might be just what is needed to create a new, happier and healthier you.