Iowa State Seniors hoping to go to Europe through Video Contest


Courtesy of Nic Dubois

Joe Van Erdewyk and others when he as a senior at Iowa State in their submission for Red Bull’s “Can You Make it?” contest to win a trip to Europe

Jacob Beals

“Can You Make It?” is a contest that is currently being put on by energy drink company Red Bull. Students from across the globe are currently submitting videos on the contest’s website.

For the contest, 165 of these student groups will be chosen to go and participate in a race across Europe where they will be given Red Bull to trade in for things like food, shelter and anything else they may need.

Here is the announcement video for the contest which features contestants of the past competing. 

Iowa State seniors Nic Dubois, Aaron Melcer and Joe Van Erdewyk are some of these participants hoping to get their ticket to Europe to compete in the race.

Currently, they are trying to get as many votes as possible on their video before the contest ends on Thursday. The group wants to represent the school and state in the competition, and Dubois talked about how special this experience would be to them.

“We’re all just really excited for this, we hope to make it a reality,” Dubois said. “We’re all seniors, so we’re trying to hope for one last hurrah before we go off into the real world.”

Dubois is a fan of Red Bull and he says he found out about the competition through its Facebook page. After that, the group started making its video which featured them doing adventurous activities such as hiking, snowboarding and going on a road trip to Madrid, Iowa. Dubois explained what went into choosing the activities that they showed off.

“I figured it would be kind of a good adrenaline point in our video just to show the stuff we like to do,” Dubois said. “I know Red Bull is all about extreme sports so I figured it’d be a great point to throw in.”

If their video is selected, the competition in Europe will be a week long and because Red Bull will be their only means of money, they won’t be allowed to have their wallet, phone and other personal belongings. Dubois mentioned what kind of feelings and challenges this aspect of the contest might bring.

“It would probably be a little bit terrifying at first” Dubois said. “Afterwards, I’m sure it’s something I can get used to. A lot of times when I go on trips I like to just shut off my phone entirely so I just don’t worry about other things going on in life.”

Here, is the video by Dubois, Melcer and Van Erdewyk. To vote for them, visit the competition’s website

To find out more about “Can You Make it?” visit their website