Why I came to college/ISU


College means something a little different to everyone, and picking a school can sometimes be difficult. Here are why some students chose to attend college, and what Iowa State means to them: 

“The reason I came to college, while completely my choice is because I felt I had no other optons given to me by my parents or by society. I know I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to attend college, especially Iowa State University, but I find it sad it is the only way to ‘succeed’ and I wish their were more options”

– Emma Thornberry, Sophomore, Anthropology

“I came to college for job security. It’s pretty much a neccesity to have a college degree in today’s society if you want to get a high-paying job.”

– Aaron Tan, Sophomore, Management Information Systems

“I came to college to better mine and my family’s future and also to make sure one day my mother can live comfortably without working”

– Traunna Harris, Junior, Kinesiology and Health

“I came to Iowa State because I love the atmosphere here, from college basketball to just being on campus, it is just an amazing place to be. Also, the numerous amount of opportunities ISU has to offer.”

– Katelyn Morgan, Junior, Psychology

“I came to college because I wanted to learn more about and have a future career in Dietetics. Iowa State was the only place close enough to my home with the program.”

– Brooke Hershberger, Senior, Dietetics