Top changes at the Theilen Student Health Center

Sarah Muller

After the Keeling Associate Health Report that was released last summer over the changes that needed to be made at the Theilen Student Health Center, plans began to be made. Martino Harmon, assistant vice president, headed the search for the new director. Now, Erin Baldwin has took on the position beginning this semester. Here are the top changes that have already occurred at the Health Center.

1. Text message reminders. By sending out text messages, reminding those of their appointments, no-show appointments have decreased by 13 percent in the past 3 months. Over 6,100 text messages have been sent out. 

2. Certified medical assistants as receptionists. Students can know they are receiving certified care as soon as they approach the front desk, as the Health Center has hired numerous receptionists who are certified in the medical field. 

3. Additional providers. The Health Center has signed a new agreement with McFarland Clinic to resource physicians who want to take on extra part-time work at the Health Center, incase any of the main physicians are not available.