New pipe testing may cause rusty water

Eric Wirth

As the city of Ames continues to build the new water plant, slight road bumps are unavoidable. This week, Jan. 25-29, the road bump is orange in color.

The city is testing new pipes that were recently installed that connect the new water plant to the existing one. This testing has the potential to cause fluctuations in water pressure for some residents in Ames. 

Along with the fluctuations in pressure, the testing of new pipes cleans them, thereby possibly allowing rust into the water supply for a short period of time. While not harmful, residents’ water may appear brown or orangish periodically throughout the week. 

While it’s not harmful to humans, the water can stain clothing. The city suggests running cold water to test the water’s clarity before using hot water. It also suggests avoiding running a dishwasher or washing machine on a warm water cycle for the rest of the week. 

The city only expects actual testing to occur two to three times this week, and will provide rust remover free of charge at the City Hall information desk, the water plant and all fire stations for those who are affected by staining.