Four Mysterious People from Throughout History

Cayle Suntken

There are currently seven billion people people and counting on planet Earth and the population is growing by the minute. It’s no wonder that some people get lost in the shuffle of society. It’s like they fell out of the sky one day. Here are the most mysterious people from throughout history.

The Men in Black

Ever since Kenneth Arnold’s account of seeing “nine shiny discs” in 1947, mysterious “men in black” have confronted individuals who have witnessed UFOs or UFO-related phenomena. The “men in black” were first introduced into the public consciousness when Alfred K. Bender recounted his encounter with them in the book “They Knew Too Much about Flying Saucers” by Gray Barker, a UFO enthusiast who worked as a theatre booker in Clarksburg, West Virginia. In UFO culture, there are two different groups known as “men in black” and “Men in Black”. The “men in black” are mainly human government agents trying to cover up UFOs in a conspiracy while the “Men in Black” are otherworldly beings with exotic features.

Lowell Cunningham created a comic book series based on the mysterious encounters entitled “Men in Black”. It was later adapted into a popular film series starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The Green Children of Wool pit

The green children of Wool pit were supposedly two young siblings with green skin (a boy and a girl to be exact) who spoke an indecipherable language and were found inside a wolf pit (a deep ditch used to trap wolves) outside the village of Wool pit (named after the Old English word for “wolf pit”) in Suffolk, England sometime during the mid-12th century. According to 12th century Cistercian monk Ralph of Coggeshall, they were taken in by the household of Sir Richard de Calne within the village. They refused to eat anything except green beans until they acquired a taste for bread. Although the boy (who was the younger of the two) fell ill and died, the girl began to eat normal food and lost her green hue as a result. When she learned English, she revealed she came from a world where everything is green and that she and her brother had wandered into a cave where they were following the sound of ringing bells while they were tending their father’s sheep. According to another Cistercian monk by the name of William of Newburgh. The little girl also claimed to hail from a place named St. Martin. Eventually she was baptized and grew up into a healthy young woman and married a man from King’s Lynn in neighboring Norfolk where she apparently became “rather loose and wanton in her conduct”.

There is speculation over the identities of the children. One account said that they were Viking children who survived a ship wreck while another account said they were gypsy children who had wandered off.   It should be noted that the word ‘green’ referred to a more yellowish shade of green and that their skin color might have been the result of drinking from a tainted well. Some have suggested that the children had an endocrine gland disorder called secondary anemia. Paranormal enthusiasts claimed that they were alien children transported from another planet. The story became the basis for the only novel written by anarchist poet Herbert Read called “The Green Child”, published in 1934. It was also the basis for two different plays by Nicola LeFanu and Glyn Maxwell in 1990 and 2002 respectively.

Jerome of Sandy Cove

“Jerome” was a man found on September 8, 1863 at a beach on the shore of the Bay of Fundy near Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia by a local fisherman. “Jerome” was on a rock with both of his legs amputated above his knees (possibly by a skilled surgeon) and suffering from exposure. He was carried to the house of a doctor in the nearby town of Mink Cove where he was given warm blankets and hot drinks. The man started to mumble in an unknown language, but he was given a nickname based on the only word that the fisherman and the doctor understood-“Jerome”.

Eventually he got better and became an adopted member of the Sandy Cove community. He got around by walking on his stumps but mostly sat around all day. Sailors from all around the world spoke to him to see if they could understand him. Although he remained mute, it appeared that he understood some European languages, mainly French and Italian. There was even an occasion in which two ladies of a possible Meditterean appearance spoke to “Jerome” in private. When they were done, one of the ladies said, “He is well. Let him be.” He spent the next seven years living in the home of John Nicholas in the town of Meteghan. Nicholas, who spoke seven languages, tried to break the silence of “Jerome” but to no avail. It is speculated it might be due to a possible stroke or he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD for short). “Jerome” spent the remainder of his life with the family of Deidre Comeau in the town of Alphonse de Claire until he died on April 15, 1912 (the day the “Titanic” sank). He is buried in Meteghan parish cemetery.

There was speculation about the origins of “Jerome”. For example, one rumor stated that he came from nobility and was the heir to a big fortune due to the fact that his hands weren’t calloused (a sign of hard labor) and that the clothing he was wearing was cut from the finest of cloth. This theory might seem doubtful as “Jerome” frequently turned down money gifts and accepted candy, tobacco and fruits instead but also plausible as he had a gentleman-like demeanor despite being weary of strangers.  Another rumor stated that his legs were cut off after he led a failed mutiny on a pirate ship and was left for dead on the beach. There was another rumor that he was some sort of officer in a European War or even the then-Civil War of the United States (although this seems doubtful as he probably didn’t speak English). None of these rumors were ever proven and his origins remain unknown to this day.

John Titor

John Titor is a supposed military time traveler from 2036. He made his first post on the new defunct online forum of Art Bell (who was the original host of the paranormal-themed radio show “Coast to Coast AM”) under the username “timetravel_0” on November 2, 2000 by posting pictures of his supposed time machine and its instruction manual. It was there he made musings about the time period he was staying in and answered questions from other forum members about the future. He made his last post on March 21, 2001 before he disappeared permanently.

There is speculation about who he was and why he was here. However, he made predictions that never came into fruition. First off, John Titor may have been a pseudonym (with “Titor” being short-hand term for “time traveler”). Second, he made references to a global nuclear war that was supposed to start this year (which may or may not be possible considering the fact it’s currently December as of this writing). Other predictions he made that didn’t come into fruition include a civil war that started in 2004/2005 and an epidemic of Mad Cow Disease.