Letter: High stakes in Paris

Two degrees Celsius — the most important number that’s saving the world. For the next two weeks, Paris will host world leaders from over 150 nations for the Paris climate summit. The goal? To reach an international agreement on reducing carbon emissions and keep the global temperature rise under two degrees or risk rising sea levels, regular severe storms and other life-threatening incidents.

Following the attacks in Paris, climate protests and marches were cancelled for the safety of the city. Instead, thousands of pairs of shoes can be found in the city with notes pleading to world leaders for climate action. Students at Iowa State have also signed over 4,000 petitions this semester supporting the negotiations and building momentum among fellow millennials toward a sustainable future. Worldwide marches last weekend also raised awareness with demonstrations in Iowa in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Davenport and Sioux City.

So no matter your impact — it is just that. Individual footprints make a great sum in a ripple effect. One more or one less does indeed make a difference. For our future and for the tenants to follow us, it’s time to show that this home is worth protecting. It’s time to know tomorrow.