Wacky Christmas Traditions


Wikimedia Commons

Christmas is celebrated differently all over the world.

Abbigail Epperson

Kangaroos, bananas, roller skates and bar crawls. What do these things have in common, you might ask. Well, they are all part of Christmas. While your image of the holidays might include opening up presents in your new Christmas pajamas or sipping hot chocolate around a warm fire, that is not always the case. Everybody celebrates the holidays differently, and here are some interesting traditions from all around the world.

1. Trash in a New Light

The garbagemen of Cincinnati, Ohio celebrate Christmas by stringing 30,000 lights over the garbage mound in their landfill.

2. Rollerskating to Church

On Christmas morning in Venezuela, all of the roads are closed so that people can rollerskate to Early morning mass

3. Hit the Sauna

In Estonia, Christmas is actually celebrated on Christmas Eve and many Estonians begin their day with a trip to the Sauna where most choose to bathe in the nude.

4. Christmas Pickles

An old legend says that the last ornament to be put on German Christmas tree is a glass blown pickle that is hidden somewhere in the tree. On Christmas, whichever child first finds the pickle is given a special gift and good luck for the coming year.

5. The Running of the Santas

This is an event that takes place here in America in which anybody who chooses to participate dresses up as Santa and takes off on a mass bar crawl.

6. The Elf’s less friendly cousins

According to Grecian folklore, during the 12 days of Christmas, evil goblins who usually remain underground decide to come out and wreak havoc.

7. Merry Christmas KFC

Many families in Japan celebrate their Christmas Eve in style at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants thanks to an old campaign back in the 1970’s.

8. Who Really Leads the Sleigh

It is believed in many parts of Australia that Santa’s sleigh is led not by reindeer, but by Kangaroos.

9. Machine Guns with Santa

Every year, a gun club in Scottsdale, Arizona hosts a celebration in which all of the guests have the opportunity to take pictures with Santa and their favorite grenade launchers and machine guns.

10. That’s Just Bananas

Lots of families in India who celebrate Christmas do not have an available pine tree or fir to decorate so they turn to banana trees and often use the leaves to decorate as well.

11. Christmas Spidey Senses

Families in Ukraine often decorate their Christmas trees with beautiful fake spider webs as opposed to tinsel or ornaments.

12. The Pooping Christmas Log

Catalonia, Spain is home to the legend of Caga Tio. To celebrate, children make the io which is a log with a painted face, little legs and a hole through the center. Each night he is fed and covered with a blanket to keep him warm. Then, on Christmas day, he is beaten with sticks while the children sing various specific holiday songs, then the Tio poops out nuts and candies for everybody.