Album Review: Sean Huston’s “My Pride, My Love”

Sean Huston will release a new album entitled My Pride, My Love on New Years Day. 

Courtesy of Sean Huston

Sean Huston will release a new album entitled “My Pride, My Love” on New Year’s Day. 

Jacob Beals

“My Pride, My Love” is an album by local Ames Musician Sean Huston. This upcoming album will be released on New Year’s Day and will be available on CD Baby.

“Neologist” starts the album with a very mellow and gentle feel, and it is followed up by “Trust Hunger Games,” which starts out slow with a muffled sound but then builds into a much louder song about a minute in. The first two tracks set the dynamic of the album right from the start.  

The third track is entitled “Many Sided Die” and tells a story while relating to the worries people have about trying to do everything perfect in life, but the song also tells how hard and sometimes impossible that can be.

Following is “Ridgeway,” which features an upbeat piano sound in the background. The song has a deep message about dreams and how following them can be a difficult task.

The halfway point of the album brings the title track “My Pride, My Love,” which has beautiful background music. Huston’s lyrics are clearly about a true love as well as some conflict that happened with that love.

“Birds That Fly” is a somber song about loneliness. The inspiring lyrics show how love can leave a person feeling sad, but good feelings still come back and can make a person want to fall in love again.

Track seven is a song about the frustrations of the government called “Pink Dalmatian.” It is very upbeat and Huston’s worries about the future of how our country is ran and who runs it are clearly conveyed but not in a way that sounds angry like many other protest songs.

“Wooden Horse” is about how past relationships can cause pain and the song captures a lot of feelings that people typically have toward those who have hurt them. The lyrics may sound dark, but a beautiful piano medley is played that gives the listener two major parts to listen for.  

Track nine, “To Somewhere,” has a underlying meaning of how distracting your mind from the everyday world can be one of the best feelings. It’s a very relatable track because most people go through this from day to day as they look for distractions to their problems.   

Concluding the album is “Sorry,” which features lyrics that are written from the idea of wanting to get more out of life. The song encourages listeners to do this in an upbeat tone and is possibly the most upbeat song of the album, which ends with a big finale. 

“My Pride, My Love” is an album that is not only composed of intricate lyrics but also of thoughtful music in the backdrop of each song. Huston has crafted something special to add to the local music scene and to kick off the new year.