Music Playlists for Finals Week


Finals weeks is finally upon us and this week will be the time to show off all of your hard work that you put into the semester. With regular classes not in session this week, there is a lot of time to put in some extra studying before your final tests. Check out some of these playlists from Spotify so you can have the perfect study music on queue for finals week.

Deep Focus – Deep Focus has over 1 million playlist followers and has 115 songs currently on it’s playlist.

Peaceful Piano – Just like the title says, this playlist is full of pianos pieces to keep you focused on studying. This playlist has over 1 million followers as well as 70 songs currently on the playlist. 

Intense Studying – Intense Studying is another one of the top followed playlists in Genre & Mood’s Focus option. Intense Studying featuring a lot of Classical music. Intense Studying boasts 100 songs on it’s playlist.