Two men arrested, charged in relation to October robbery



Shannon Mccarty

Two men have been arrested in relation to a robbery that took place on Arizona Avenue on Oct. 7.

Kang Chotkuac, 18, and Quintin Evans, 21, have both been arrested and charged with second-degree robbery.

The two men stole a backpack from a victim, who was also injured.

According to Ames City Police Cmdr. Jason Tuttle, the two suspects knew the victim was in possession of marijuana that was located in the victim’s backpack.

When the two met the victim, they tried to pull the backpack from him. During that process, they pulled him to the ground and ripped off the backpack, causing some injuries to the victim’s knees and elbows.

Tuttle said the victim knew Chotkuac from high school. The following day, the Ames Police Department got a search warrant for where Evans was staying.

Investigators found some of the packaging of the marijuana that was in the victim’s backpack.

According to the Ames Tribune, although the victim was in possession of marijuana, no charges have been filed.

Chotkuac is being held on $20,000 bond, and Evans is being held on a $10,000 bond.