Collegiate to club: Alex Tinaglia brings Division I experience to softball club


Courtesy of ISU Softball Club

A member of the softball club bats during a match.

Mary Rominger

Alex Tinaglia brings a unique aspect to the ISU softball club.

The 5-foot-8 first baseman with a 5-foot-11 wingspan was a former base runner for the ISU softball team right out of high school, with the full intention of playing at the collegiate level all four years.

“It was a big day when I signed my letter of intent to play for Iowa State,” Tinaglia said. “My main role for the team was to be a designated base runner, and I later played some outfield.”

Tinaglia’s passion for playing softball is pure and apparent. That passion remained when she was faced with the decision of ending her career with the ISU softball team to pursue what was best for her and her studies.

“I kind of knew I didn’t want to play for another year,” Tinaglia said. “I started getting burnt out and wanted more time for myself, also my school work was really important. So first semester of sophomore year, I found the club softball team. I knew I always wanted to continue to play softball, and I never wanted it to end.”

Other aspects went into the decision of ending her collegiate career as well.

“After every season we would meet with coaches individually,” Tinaglia said. “I asked my coaches what they saw for my future. They were honest. They said I would keep my position as base runner and pinch hitter.”

Fortunately for Tinaglia, playing for the club team allowed her to still play the sport she loves, but still have time outside of the game.

“After first two practices, I loved it,” Tinaglia said. “I loved that it resembled my travel team back home. Everyone was really welcoming. It was especially nice because I struggled with homesickness a lot freshman year.”

The bond between Tinaglia and her new teammates was instantaneous. She also brought a new element to the club team that no other player did.

“She was little bit more intense, and she gave us all a good, inside look on how to better ourselves,” said catcher Amy Schaefer. “She is the loudest team member on the field too — her voice travels. She brings a comparison factor from the D-I team.”

Players on the softball club were intimidated by Tinaglia’s arrival. 

“No one knew what to expect,” Schaefer said. “She fit in pretty well, and it was relieving. We definitely had similar backgrounds with softball, which was nice.”

Tinaglia now holds the presidency title for the club softball team and stands as one of the top leaders on the roster.