Keep apartment safe during holiday break

Shannon Mccarty

Students are getting ready to go home for the holidays, leaving their apartments vulnerable to burglaries.

“It’s a crime of opportunity,” said Cmdr. Jason Tuttle, public information officer for the Ames Police Department.

Tuttle said it is not uncommon to see students be the victims of burglary since many don’t lock their doors and have valuable items such as laptops and game consoles.

“I think some of our criminals know our students are easy targets,” Tuttle said.

Tuttle said with holiday breaks coming up, the department anticipates seeing more burglaries with students being gone and leaving their apartments empty.

Students can take the burglary target off their backs by locking doors, closing curtains and keeping valuables out of site or taking them along for the trip.

Tuttle said it also helps when people get to know their neighbors, and they can ask their neighbors to check on the place and get their mail.

“Don’t let [mail] pile up in front of your door,” Tuttle said.

If items are stolen, Tuttle said it is helpful when owners know the serial number of their electronic devices, allowing the police to easily identify stolen electronics.