Apps for an organized life

Jacqueline Horsfall

Students juggle school, work, activities and much more. How is organization possible? In the new age of smartphones, apps are a helpful way to keep organized and on task.

Google Calendar

One of the most talked about apps; this is a must. Sure, having a regular paper planner is nice, but if it gets lost on the bus one day, it can be hard to remember all the things there was to do. Google Calendar sends reminders, color codes classes and tasks and helps visualize daily routines to stay organized. Also consider getting other Google apps such as Dropbox, Drive and Sheets. Personal Finance is a secure way to track finances. This service is supported by Intuit, which helps protect personal information, making this app incredibly safe to use. It can be synced up with bank accounts in order to follow spending habits, remind users of upcoming bills, create a personal budget and even check credit scores.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Yes, there is a Blackboard app. For some, being on Blackboard is daily thing. With the app there is the ability to check announcements, view notes and lectures, receive notifications of course activity, check grades and post those last minute comments on discussion boards that were almost forgotten about.


This app is a must for any Iowa State Student with a smart phone. Use it to check CyRide hours and routes, use the campus map to find a building, look up hours for dining, search the directory for offices and people on campus and much more. Also enjoy the live stream images of the beautiful Iowa State Campus.


With the unpredictable weather of Iowa, there is no such thing as a typical day. It’s important to check multiple weather apps to ensure accurate weather. AccuWeather prides itself on being accurate, and the minute-by-minute weather reports are helpful to know if it will rain or snow. Check the five day forecast and note the GPS location on the app to ensure that there is precise weather for your area.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

A healthy diet will lead to an overall healthy life. Let this app help! This calorie counter and diet tracker has a lot of great features such as a bar scanner to upload all the food statistics instead of individually putting them in, as well as an online community of support to help with diet and exercise goals. It’s individually tailored to meet certain nutrient requirements. Use the nutrition information boards at dining centers to help track nutritional eating with this app.