Beauty trends: Autumn edition

Camila Cervantes Camila

When the chilly temperatures creep into daily life, one thing comes to mind. Fall is here. With the dropping temperatures and changing season come many choices to switch up your makeup routine in simple or dramatic ways. Below are different suggestions for:

Eyes: Use botanical shades of fresh greens, like olive and ivy. Deep purple-brown is another important shade to play off of your eye color, with an option of luxurious metallics.

Lips: Treat your lips to warm, rusty paprika orange tones or to oxblood and plum for a darker palette this fall.

Face: Brighten your look with radiant primers and powders. Natural complexions with a radiant and luminous finish highlight cranberry cheeks.

Nails: Play with luxurious metallics, such as platinum and gold paired with berry tones. Mix and match all three on your nails.

Hair: Say goodbye to humidity with flawless, super-polished hair with a sleek and smooth appearance. Update classic hairstyles such as ponytails with folds and knots. You can try out the popular half-up and half-down bun style.

A combination of these beauty tips can ease you into the beauty trends for this fall season. Start with changing something simple, then go bold for daring confidence all day.