How to celebrate safely this Halloween

Emily Schroer

Since Halloween is just days away, people should remember the importance of safety. Halloween is a time of year when everyone begins to worry more about having fun and less about keeping themselves safe.

It’s important that a person knows how to react and protect himself or herself if he or she ends up getting caught in an uncomfortable situation.

Anthony Greiter, communications outreach officer with the ISU Police Department, said the most important thing to remember this Halloween is “take care of yourself.”

Greiter continuously repeated the same three words: morals, health and safety.

“If you see something, you say something,” Greiter said.

Using judgement and trusting senses will let people know if something is wrong. It can be something as little as a chill down the spine or as large as a fight starting to break out.

Another important thing to remember is that ISU Police will not be bothered by a call, no matter the circumstances. It’s the department’s job to keep students safe.

Greiter talked about how a large number of police officers will work Halloween night because of the large amounts of people that will be in Ames for Halloween and Homecoming. The more officers who are on duty the safer everyone will be. Just remember, it’s their job to provide protection, so don’t be afraid to ask an officer for help.

If something suspicious begins to happen but it is not an emergency, call the ISU non-emergency helpline at 515-294-4428. If an emergency happens, call 911 for immediate help.

It’s important to remember if you are going to a party or bar and you know you are going to drink alcohol, then give the keys to someone sober or just leave the car keys at home. Ames has a bus system called Moonlight Express that runs from 10:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights.

A scheduled map is available on the ISU website, and if you want to make arrangements to be picked up, call 515-292-1100. ISU students or faculty members who feel unsafe while walking home can call the ISU Department of Public Safety Escort Service at 515-294-4444.

Remember to stay safe, use your best judgement and have fun.