Where to get coffee on campus, off campus


Jenna Reeves/Iowa State Daily

This time of year, students increase their caffeine intake to avoid sleeping. A much better option would be to get a full nights sleep consisting of at least seven hours. Regular exercise and balanced meals also help keep students feeling and performing at their best.

Melissa Richards

Two things Ames will never have a shortage of are college students and coffee.

Endless options abound on and off campus, whether that craving is for an iced coffee, a frilly frappuccino or a classic double-shot latte, and students can always find a coffee shop to their liking that will help them power through those late nights.

On campus

Abe’s Harvest Café

Abe’s Harvest Café serves roasterie coffee, specialty drinks and an assortment of lunch options to students from the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Biorenewables Complex.

Bookends Café

Bookends Café is located on the first floor of Parks Library. Specialty drinks, roasterie coffee, pastries and packaged lunch options are offered in this cozy, bustling coffee shop. This café allows students to meet with friends, study or catch up on any reading.

Business Café

The full line of roasterie coffee, specialty drinks and packaged lunch options are offered at this modern, quiet café located on the first floor of the Gerdin Business Building.


Sharing space in the Hub next to Parks Library, Caribou carries its full line of beverages and snacks as well as packaged lunch foods. Caribou provides a seating area to set up a laptop and extended seating throughout the Hub to meet with friends.

Courtyard Café

Nestled in the north side of campus in Lagomarcino Hall, Courtyard Café offers made-to-order deli sandwiches, salads and soups in addition to roasterie coffee, specialty drinks, pastries and to-go snacks. With a warm atmosphere and a concoction of delicious smells, students can finish homework or quietly chat with a friend over lunch.

Design Café

Roasterie coffee, specialty drinks, made-to-order deli sandwiches, salads, soups and packaged lunch options are available at Design Café, which is located inside the College of Design on the west side of campus.

Gentle Doctor Café

Located in the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Gentle Doctor Café offers specialty drinks, roasterie coffee, soup, made-to-order sandwiches, packaged lunch options and pastries.

Global Café

Brewed coffee and tea are offered along with an assortment of lunch options, snacks and pastries at the Global Café in the Harl Commons of Curtiss Hall.

Hub Grill and Café

The Hub Grill and Café offers full meal options as well as specialty drinks and roasterie coffee. The Hub Grill and Café provides a large amount of seats, which accommodates large study groups.

MU Market and Café

Roasterie coffee and specialty beverages are only the tip of the iceberg at the MU Market at Café. Located in the Memorial Union, this café has a convenient store, smoothie bar, pastries and a wide assortment of snack options including Quest Bars and Amy’s organic meals. With no place to sit, this is a grab-it-and-go café.

Students can save 35 cents and help the environment by bringing their own cup for hot drinks and fountain drinks at all of Iowa State’s cafés.



Arcadia provides local art that helps stimulate the creative side while the smell of specialty coffees, desserts and other pastries mingle in an atmosphere that is difficult to leave. Stop in at 2712 Lincoln Way or drive through for coffee to go.

Café Beaudelaire

Coffee is just one of the many things offered at 2504 Lincoln Way. Sit outside to chat with a friend, enjoy a burger for lunch or grab a drink after finishing class on a Friday.

Café Diem

Located in downtown Ames at 229 Main St., Café Diem offers an environment suitable for studying or conversing with friends. This comfortable coffee shop offers deli sandwiches, salads and soups in addition to roasterie coffee, specialty drinks, pastries and to-go snacks.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Located at 2650 Lincoln Way, Dunkin’ Donuts is a dangerously convenient walk from Campus Town and State Gym. Stop in or drive through to pick up a doughnut or a dozen with a morning coffee.

Stomping Grounds

South of campus, Stomping Grounds is located at 303 Welch Ave #101. Stomp offers a wide range of coffee and customized drinks as well as a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vinyl Café

This underground café offers an array of pastries as well as specialty drinks, brewed coffee and a powerful iced coffee. Follow the arrows to find this quiet coffee spot at 303 Kellogg Ave.