April Fool’s Day pranks

Lani Tons

Today is the first of April, which means there are plenty of harmless pranks to bring upon roommates, family members, co-workers and friends that will leave some annoyance, but mostly laughter. At least, that is the goal.


– Put food coloring into the milk pitcher, changing the color of the milk.

– Change out the sugar container with salt.

– Freeze a bowl with water overnight, pour the cereal on top and watch someone dig into the ice.

– Poke holes into a plastic cup and offer a drink to a guest.

– Hide all of the utensils in the household.

– Replace an Oreo cream filling with toothpaste and stick it back together.


– Stuff toilet paper into the victim’s shoe.

– If there is a water pitcher in the fridge, squeeze in lemon juice.

– Wear clothes backward or inside out.


– Cover a co-worker’s desk with post-it notes.

– Stuff a co-worker’s cubicle entirely with balloons.

– Wrap a co-worker’s computer in a festive wrapping paper.

– Switch out a co-worker’s chair with a stool.