Campus representatives bring brand awareness to students


Kelby Wingert/Iowa State Daily

Jenna Cullen (left), freshman in apparel, merchandising and design, is a campus representative for 31 Bits jewelry. Christina Meissner, junior in apparel, merchandising and design, is a campus representative for Armed and Readi Jewelry.

Ali Hanson

College is the last step before long-term careers start. Everything students can do while enrolled can either benefit or hinder success. Students can get on the right path by being involved with campus organizations like The Fashion Show, Trend and ISU greek life. One can also become a campus representative for large, national and local brands.

Being a campus rep is all about bringing awareness to students. Certain brands will implement reps on campuses if the target market is college-based or the opposite, if they find a void and want to reach out to college students.

One way reps bring the brand to campus is by hosting parties. Armed and Readi Jewelry representative Christina Meissner, junior in apparel, merchandising and design, hosts trunk sales regularly at sorority houses and Trend Magazine meetings. Armed and Readi Jewelry is an online jewelry boutique that offers stylish pieces that are price conscious. Meissner is able to promote the brand not only through her trunk shows but also by word-of-mouth and adding Iowa State content to Armed and Readi social media sites.

Through her sales, Meissner is also giving back to the greek community. Ten percent of the profits from each sale at a sorority goes to the philanthropy of choice, and she gets a separate 10 percent. While most campus representatives are not paid, Armed and Readi provides commission from sales. Free merchandise is a rare but possible occurrence as well.

This spring, Meissner became a campus representative for Boathouse Apparel, which is a company created by an ISU alumna from Okoboji, Iowa. The merchandise is sold online and at the store’s pop-up shops.

Meredith Brown, sophomore in apparel, merchandising and design, is a campus representative for Boathouse Apparel, The Stylist LA and Pura Vida Bracelets.

The Stylist LA is similar to Rent the Runway by allowing girls to rent designer dresses for events at less than half the price they would otherwise pay. Finding this company online at the quiet hours of 4 a.m., Brown reached out to the owner about how she could get involved and then became the first brand representative for Iowa State. Because of her determination to bring this brand to Iowa State, Brown had to learn how to conduct herself professionally and be taken seriously.

“It also enhances your time management and liability,” Brown said. Students are also aware that possible internships and careers could develop because of these opportunities.

Campus representatives are responsible for taking note of students’ reactions to certain merchandise and reporting back to headquarters. This gives the brand some honest opinions from their clients and helps decide if any changes need to be made.

Brand 31 Bits utilizes campus representatives to spread awareness of its story. The brand’s mission is to use fashion and design to empower people out of poverty. The brand provides a program for women in Uganda, so when they graduate the program they can successfully run their own business.

Jenna Cullen, freshman in apparel, merchandising and design, is a campus representative for the brand and said the coolest part of the jewelry is that the beads are made out of recycled paper.

Cullen said getting involved with the brand has not only instilled a passion for service in her but also forced her to interact with numerous students on campus. Through the socialization at different events and promoting the story, the involvement has made her a more outgoing person.

Although very time-consuming with events and promotional tactics, being a campus representative is a great opportunity to form a connection with a company and get more involved while on campus. It also builds professional and personal skills that create well-rounded individuals. Becoming one is as easy as emailing a director and filling out an electronic application or getting in contact with another campus representative.